MCA update

Filing of e-form ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification)

Applicable on :-
Every Company Incorporated on or before 31/12/2017.
(However, Companies whose due Financial Statements or Annual Return or both are not filed, will not be able to file ACTIVE form { execption for under dispute Cos } )

Excluded Companies

  • Struck Off Cos
    *Under Process of Striking off Cos
  • Under Amalgamation Cos
  • Under Liquidation Cos
    *Dissloved Cos

Mandatory Attachments
Photograph of Registered office(Inside and Outside). Photo of at least one Director present inside the office who is signing the e-form.

Due Date
25 April 2019

Consequences of late / Non Filing

  1. Fee of 10,000/- if filed after 25/04/2019.
  2. Marking of status of Company as “Active – Non Compliant” in MCA Master Data.
  3. Filing of following eforms will be barred: –

a. SH-7
b. PAS-3
c. DIR-12 (except cessation)
d. INC-22
e. INC-28 (for amalgamation /damerger)

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