Tax Benefit:

  •  Tax nil up to Rs 500000/-.
  •  Salary Std deduction raised from 40k to 50k.
  • Deemed rental income exemption proposed on the second self occupied house.
  •  TDS threshold increase from 10000/- to 40000/- under section 194A.
  • TDS on rent increase from 180000/- to 240000/-.
  • Section 54 limit can be claimed now in two houses.
  • A capital gain of Rs 2 Cr once in a life time.
  • Section 80IBA extended for one more year.
  • Exemption of notional rent on the real sector increasefrom one year to two years of unsold inventory.


  • Within 2 years, Tax assessment will be done electronically.
  • IT returns processing in just 24 hours.
  • Minimum 14% revenue of GST to states by Central Govt.
  • Custom duty has abolished from 36 Capital Goods.
  • Recommendations to GST council for reducing GST rates for home buyers.
  • Full Tax rebate upto 5 lakh annual income after all deductions.
  • The standard deduction has increased from 40000 to 50000.
  • Exempt on tax on second self-occupied house.
  • Ceiling Limit of TDS u/s 194A has increased from 10000 to 40000.
  • Ceiling Limit of TDS u/s 194I has increased from 180000 to 240000.
  • Capital tax Benefit u/s 54 has increased from investment in one residential house to two residential houses.
  • Benefit u/s 80IB has increased to one more year, i.e.2020.
  • Benefit has given to unsold inventory has increased to one year to two years.

Budget 2019 IMPORTANT

  • Income – INR 5,00,000 (TAX – NIL)
  • Income – INR 5,01,000 (TAX – INR 13,208)
  • Rebate u/s 87A, Not Exemption.
  • No benefit any to taxpayer having income above Rs.5 lac.

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